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Cookies Policy

Last update: 26.06.2019

Accessing www.senapan.ro, owned by the subscriber, AGROSEMCU SRL, based in Urlati, Str. Independence no 68, bl. 68, ap. 2, registration number at the Trade Register J29 / 957/2003, CUI RO15501204 (“We” or “Company”), we inform you that the Website may use cookies according to the selected preference. in the Privacy Policy of Personal Data.

We process personal data for legitimate purposes, in compliance with all the principles imposed by GDPR and ethical commercial practices. Protecting the security and security of personal data is important to us and this policy describes the organizational framework implemented to ensure the processing compliance.


The purpose of the policy

By your use of this website / web platform, we may receive information from you (such as IP address), using “cookies”.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small files, transmitted by a server to the device on which you access the Website and with the help of which we manage the Internet connection.

For more information about cookies, we invite you to access the external website allaboutcookies.org.


How do we use cookies?

We may use cookies to make the Website work properly. Also, one of the uses of cookies is that the information on the Website can be more easily accessible to you. We can also use cookies for statistical purposes, to adapt the Website to your preferences, to offer you personalized products and services. , as well as for Website optimization.

For example, some cookies may save your preferred language on the Website, displaying optimal website graphics or optimizing the browsing speed of the Website.


Types of cookies

Cookies can be of two types, depending on the duration of use:

  1. Temporary – those cookies that are active only during your visit to the Website and are deleted when you close your browser;
  2. Permanent – they remain stored on your device when you leave the Website until you delete it manually or through your browser.

Also, depending on the functionality of cookies, they can be classified as follows:

  • Essential cookies – these are the essential cookies for the functioning of the Website. Without these cookies, the Website or part of it may not function properly. This type of cookie does not collect information about you.
  • Cookies with functional utility – these cookies allow to adapt the functionality of the Website according to your preferences, such as to “remember” the language you want to use on the Website, the data you have entered on the Website and others. also. These cookies may collect information about you, but, as a rule, they are anonymised.
  • Cookies / applications with analytical performance – these cookies are used for statistical purposes, to determine the traffic to the Website (number of visits, number of unique users, etc.) in order to determine its performance. An example of such a cookie / application is Google Analytics.
  • Cookies / marketing applications – we refer to applications such as Google AdSense, Google AdWords, Google Conversion Tracking and Google Remarketing. Certain cookies of this type can analyze the behavior of the user in order to optimize his experience on the Website, by personalizing the content.

Below is a complete list of all cookies used on the Website:

First party cookies:

  • Google Analytics: for collecting information about how visitors use the website, in order to improve their experience
  • Google AdWords: for collecting information on how visitors use the website, to improve their experience
  • Facebook Pixel: for collecting information about how visitors use the website, in order to improve their experience


What can I do if I don’t want cookies?

All browsers have in the settings menus or in other similar menus options that allow the acceptance or refusal of cookies.

Thus, you can adjust these settings at any time, allowing cookies or disabling cookies in whole or in part. By setting your browser to accept cookies used on the Website we will assume your acceptance regarding the use of cookies in relation to you when browsing our Website.

To see how you can change your browser settings to enable or disable cookie options, please see the Help or Help section of your browser.

Please keep in mind that disabling certain types of cookies on the Website could lead to a malfunction or less optimal functioning of it.


Your rights and Personal Data Protection

For more details on how to use, but especially on the protection of your data, as well as to see your rights regarding personal data, please consult our security and confidentiality policy available at https://www.senapan.ro/confidentialitate-date